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Adelaide Surgicentre Summary Information

Adelaide Surgicentre resides within the ASEC complex and is one of the few purpose built Mohs surgery facilities in Australia. In addition to the facilities for Mohs surgery the day surgery was designed for all forms of skin cancer and oculoplastic surgery. Adelaide Surgicentre has been accredited by HDAA Pty Ltd as an accredited day surgical facility under the standards set out by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health care. Accreditation by HDAA Pty Ltd requires rigorous assessment of the procedures and policies of the day surgery to pass the National Safety and Quality Health service (NSQHS) standards to deliver the best quality care and therefore outcome for the patient. In September 2023, HDAA Pty Ltd assessed the day surgery with an excellent result of all applicable actions being met under Version 2 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Adelaide Surgicentre is 100% owned and run by doctors and its main purpose is to achieve the highest standards of patient care and comfort whilst in the facility.

Adelaide Surgicentre has contracts with all the health funds operating within South Australia, as well as many of the smaller interstate funds. Adelaide Surgicentre is also a contracted provider to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

With the focus on high quality care, Adelaide Surgicentre has systems in place to enable the monitoring and reporting of safety and quality metrics. These systems ensure the practice can regularly assess the safety and quality performance of patient care, respond to issues as they arise in a timely manner and identify opportunities for improvement. These systems include:

  • Participation in benchmarking with comparable day surgery facilities
  • Annual audit schedule assessing compliance with safety and quality metrics
  • Regular reporting on safety and quality performance to the governing body and management
  • Communication with the staff and patients on the safety and quality performance