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DCR Patient Information

WHAT CAUSES A WATERY EYE? A watery eye can be due to many causes. It is essentially an imbalance between the amount of tears being produced by the tear gland and amount that can be removed by evaporation and the tear drainage system. Problems with the eyelid or narrowing of the drainage canals can prevent […]

PTOSIS Patient Information

WHAT IS PTOSIS: Ptosis is the medical name for drooping of the upper lid, which can be present in one or both eyes. A low upper lid can interfere with vision, by affecting the top part of the visual field and may also be a cosmetic problem. Patients might have difficulty keeping their eyelids open, […]

Preparing for Surgery with Prof Dinesh Selva

THE PRE-OPERATIVE VISIT: This consultation allows us the opportunity to meet with you, obtain your medical history and determine the most suitable way of treating your eyelid, tear duct or orbital condition. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about the proposed procedure and ask us any questions. The costs associated with your surgery […]

Lower Eyelid Ectropion Patient Information

WHAT IS ECTROPION? Ectropion is the medical term used to describe an outward turning of the lower eyelid. The majority of ectropion are due to laxity of the tissues of the eyelid as a result of the ageing process. As we get older the eyelid stretches and becomes floppy allowing it to turn out. Another […]