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Skin Cancer Surgery

Excision and Delayed Repair

INTRODUCTION: We most commonly use this technique to treat Lentigo Maligna but also use it for a number of other rare types of skin cancer. Lentigo Maligna (or Hutchinson’s Freckle) is an early form of melanoma and is a slow growing, blotchy brown patch found on the sun-damaged skin of the head and neck. Lentigo […]

Excisional Surgery

BEFORE SURGERY: Please inform us if you take medications which increase bleeding e.g. Aspirin, Clopidogrel (Plavix, Iscover) or Warfarin as we may need to stop them or reduce dosage prior to surgery. Anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. Nurofen) increase bleeding, so please stop 3 days before surgery. Please take paracetamol and codeine preparations if you require pain […]

Shave & Electrosurgery Treatment

SHAVE & ELECTROSURGERY For some thin, superficial skin cancers, shaving and electrosurgery (“cautery”) represents a quick and effective method of treatment. The area to be treated is marked preoperatively and an earthing pad is attached to your hand. The local anaesthetic is injected, the skin cancer is carefully shaved off and the area is treated […]